Boegoeberg Monday 004The dioceses of Kimberley and Kuruman and Oxford work jointly in a number of areas at diocesan level. Main recent areas include:

  • Beginning to set up together a framework for parish-to-parish links.
  • Oxford sponsorship of the Social Development Officer post in Kimberley and Kuruman. The SDO, Heather Steenkamp, works with parishes in Kimberley and Kuruman on the theology and practice of community outreach.
  • Sharing information with each other about our work on food security. We are aware that this is an issue for both dioceses, and we seek to inform each other about how our churches are responding and to learn from each other in ways that help us to respond in our own contexts.
  • Kimberley and Kuruman clergy participation in Oxford Diocese events, such as the recent service marking the 20th anniversary of women’s ordination and the forthcoming “Grand Day Out”
  • Oxford Diocese sponsorship of and participation in the Kimberley and Kuruman clergy education programme

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