The photograph shows the Reverend Alastair Blaine, curate of the Parish of Witney with the Reverend Ulrika Zwaard, Komminster in the parish of Voxtorps, Gällaryds and Tånnö, during our recent visit there. Alastair presided, using some liturgical Swedish, at their Mass on Sunday morning. He preached, with Ulrika translating the sermon sentence by sentence, an engaging experience for the congregation! The party of eight from the Witney Parish took part in the service, in a variety of ways, including hymn singing in Swedish, reading the lesson and participating in the intercessions – in English!
Our parishes are linked as a result of the Oxford – Vaxjo diocesan partnership and eight of us enjoyed a very fulfilling week with a delightful group of friendly and most welcoming people. Amongst other things, we learned more of how their Church runs and visited centres for the homeless and those with narcotic and alcohol addictions, interspersed with serene, pilgrimage walks.