It Takes Three to Toyi-toyi

St Peter and St Paul, Deddington; Church of the Resurrection, Mmbatho/Mafikeng; and Sofiakyrkan, Jönköping
Trans-denominational, trans-hemispherical Christian solidarity found vibrant expression in the concluding act of the Maurice Frost Festival in Deddington.  Frost, a hymnologist and vicar of Deddington was honoured in a four-Choir Festival which brought together the Church of the Resurrection in Mmabatho/Mafikeng, the Sofia Church in Jönköping and St Peter and St Paul, Deddington.  St George’s, Windsor came too, but couldn’t stay for the final service, which ended in a tripartite conga- cum-toyi-toyi into the Market Square to the strains of ‘We are marching in the light of God’ The village rather enjoyed it.

This photograph was highly commended in the PWM Photo Competition