Bishop Fredrik Modéus is welcomed to his diocese

Welcome, Bishop Fredrik!

Växjö Diocese welcomed its new bishop Fredrik Modéus in a moving and joyful service in Växjö cathedral on 19 April 2015.

After a long process with voting, appointment and consecration to the office of bishop, Fredrik Modéus was able for the first time as bishop to meet fellow workers and parishioners in the diocese.

Bishop FM Installation (2)

Dean Thomas Petersson (left) and the new bishop (centre)

During the service, Fredrik Modéus delivered his first sermon as bishop.  An address which was personal and warm, but also challenging.  He mentioned among other things the words of recently deceased Tomas Tranströmer: In the middle of the forest there is a glade that can only be found by someone who has lost his way.

Extract from the sermon:

I sometimes think that the church is a place, not for the sheep-like, but for we normal lost people who seek the warming sunlight in life’s glades.    A place for all who rightly expect to be able to encounter a credible interpretation of what it is to be human – and to get this in the light the Easter gospel of the Risen One.  And all of it is clearly also relevant to us who have special responsibility in the church.  For a priest, deacon or an elected representative [to a church body] too can go astray.  And a bishop who walks with the shepherd’s crook.  That is why there are ‘glades of grace’.

Read the whole address.

Bishop FM Installation (1)

The recessional – Bishop Colin Fletcher (centre) represented Oxford Diocese

At  the service of welcome, the diocese prayed for Fredrik Modéus and blessed him in his new ministry.

Representatives from the entire diocese took part in the service.  The St Sigfrid Chamber Choir and the Cecilia Choir, representatives from the Swedish church youth and link dioceses, the Dövkyrka (Church for the Deaf) in Växjö Diocese and also area deans  also played their part.  The service was led by Cathedral Dean Thomas Petersson.

Bishop FM Installation (4)

After the service – the bishop’s autograph is in demand!

Article translated from the Växjö Diocese web pages.

Bishop Fredrik Modéus – Consecration at Uppsala

Bishop FM Consecration (4)

Photo: Magnus Aronson/IKON

On 12 April 2015, Fredrik Modéus was consecrated as the 59th bishop of the Diocese of Växjö.  As bishop, his main task is to lead and inspire the church in the diocese.

Fredrik Modéus was born in 1964 and has his roots in Jönköping.  He was ordained as a priest for Växjö diocese in 1991.

When Fredrik Modéus was elected bishop he was working as a parish pastor in Lund Cathedral Parish.  Before that, among other things, he has been pastor of Helgeand Pastorate [Benefice] in Lund Diocese.  He has lectured and been responsible for conferences and seminars on the subject of working for change, building up parishes and the development of worship.  Fredrik Modéus was awarded a doctorate in systematic theology in the spring of 2015.

Modéus has published nine publications, among which are  Gudstjänstgemenskap i folkkyrkan (Worship Communities in the Folk Church), Konturer av tro (Contours of Faith), Längta efter liv – församlingsväxt i Svenska kyrkan (Longing for Life – Parish Growth in the Church of Sweden) and Mod att vara kyrka – om församlingsbygge och kyrkans identitet (Courage to be Church – on building up parishes and the identity of the church).

Fredrik Modéus is married with three children.

As his motto, Bishop Fredrik Modéus has chosen “God’s grace is all you need”.  This reminds us that the most important thing in life is free.  We receive it as a gift, of grace.

Read more on the motto and the bishop’s coat of arms.

Bishop FM Consecration (1)

Photo: Magnus Aronson/IKON

The Consecration in Uppsala Cathedral was led by Archbishop Antje Jackelén in the presence of guests from overseas and the bishops of the Church of Sweden.  In her sermon, the archbishop turned to Fredrik Modeéus and touched on his motto, “God’s grace is all you need”:

“You have already had to reply many times to questions like “What do you want to achieve? What are your goals? How will you turn round negative trends?” There are rightly big expectations of a Bishop. You have spoken about living worship, the importance of education, and courageous pastoral ministry. Through your experience as a parish priest and through your work with and around parish growth you have been able to build up a competence that is good both for the diocese and for the college of bishops. And of course it is splendid that your doctoral dissertation in systematic theology about the worshipping community in the national church is now ready and will shortly be defended.”

Read the archbishop’s sermon in its entirety.

Bishop FM Consecration (3)Fredrik Modéus is 50 years old and moves [to Växjö] from his ministry as a parish pastor in Lund Cathedral.  Later this he is due to undertake his disputation in systematic theology.  Fredrik Modéus’ roots are in Jönköping and was ordained as a priest in Växjö Diocese in 1991.  Earlier on he has, among other things, been a pastor in Helgeands Pastorate [Benefice] in Lund.  He has lectured and been responsible for conferences and seminars on the subject of working for change, building up parishes and the development of worship.  Fredrik Modéus has published eight publications on, among other things, parish growth, building up parishes and the identity of the church.

“As bishop of Växjö Diocese, I will to the best of my ability lead the work of the diocese and support all the able people who make their contribution in the parishes of the diocese.  I want to listen to stories of sorrow and joy in the

parishes and create conditions for local development work based on the different situations in the town and country.  Living worship, sound teaching and courageous pastoral ministry help us in the fight for a meaningful life, a just world and a good life for all people”, says Bishop Fredrik Modéus.

The above is a translation of an article on the Växjö diocesan web pages.  The pictures that follow were taken by Tony Dickinson.

Pastiche - FM Consecration

Bishop Jan-Olof Johansson lays down his staff

Vaxjo15 082Consecrated as Bishop of Växjô Diocese in November 2010, only five years from reitrement, Bishop Jan-Olof Johansson was very much aware that his time in office would be short.  Time flies all too quickly and the bishop marked his relinquishment of office at a ‘Staff Laying Down’ (Stavnedläggning) service in Växjô Cathedral on 6 April.

When Bishop Jan-Olof first became bishop he published a book of ‘postcards’ (see this link). In his Easter message, Bishop Jan-Olof sends us another postcard with an image of the Church of the Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which has a gloomy interior, but light shines in from the apex of the dome. The message of Easter, he says, is that the light overcomes the darkness.

A translation of the full text of the postcard is given below:


Postcard with picture

 Oxford Diocese’s Tony Dickinson was at Bishop-Jan Olof’s farewell service and associated events with his camera at the ready.  Here is a selection of his pictures:

Stavnedläggning Pastiche (1)

Stavnedläggning Pastiche (2)Stavnedläggning Pastiche (3)

Stavnedläggning Pastiche (4)