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Kimberley Reflections – 24 May – Dean Reginald Leeuw

SUNDAY EVENING REFLECTIONS 24 MAY 2020 – FROM THE DEAN THE VERY REVD REGINALD LEEUW John 17: 11-19.   Dear friends good evening as we await with bated breath the President’s speech later this evening. It’s been more than fifty days in Lockdown and no one knows for sure what level 3 of Lockdown will […]

Kimberley Reflections – 16 May – The Ven Thomas Mhuriro

MORNING PRAYER REFLECTIONS from the Ven Dr Thomas Mhuriro, 16 May 2020:Psalm 118, Leviticus 23:23-44, 2 Thessalonians 3:1-18 Good morning people of God. I trust that we are together in this journey we are undertaking under these restrictive circumstances. I am aware that it is a very expensive and exhaustive exercise. Never mind. The point […]

Kimberley Reflections – 15 May – The Ven Thomas Mhuriro

MORNING PRAYER Reflections by the Ven Dr Thomas Mhuriro: 15 May 2020 Ps 115; Leviticus 23:1-22; 2 Thess. 2:1-17 This morning the Psalm and the passage from Leviticus are my focus. The details are given about how much God cares. He wants us to work and to rest. He wants us to have time to […]

Kimberley Reflections – 14 May – Dean Reginald Leeuw

FROM THE DEAN: Reflections on the Eucharist readings by the Very Revd Reginald Leeuw, Feast of St Matthias, 14 May 2020. The first task that Apostles had to deal with before taking the Gospel to the ends of the world was the scandal of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. This painful act of betrayal I suppose […]

Kimberley Reflections – 12 May – Dean Reginald Leeuw

FROM THE DEAN: Tuesday Eucharist Reflection by Fr Reginald Leeuw, 12 May 2020 : Simon of Cyrene Fr Thomas in his reflections on the day of Saint Phillip the Deacon makes mention of Saint Simon of Cyrene as another African person who came into contact with the Lord. The name of Simon of Cyrene and […]

Bishop Ossie’s Centenary Sermon

The Rt Revd Oswald Swartz, Bishop of Kimberley and Kuruman, delivered this sermon at a service in Dorchester Abbey to mark the centenary of the Kimberley and Kuruman Diocese. It’s a wonderful portrait of Kimberley and Kuruman – and of what it means to be linked. Download it here: K&K Centenary Sermon – Dorchester Abbey

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

“OCMS is an independent Christian charity, based in the beautiful and ancient city of learning in Oxford, England. Truly international in its leadership, fully inter­denomina­tional in its reach, and deeply evangelical from its roots to its mission, OCMS brings the world’s church together under one roof to research, reflect and respond to challenges faced across […]