Choir from Jönköping visits Oxford Diocese – again!

Lucia 2015 (1)

Lucia procession in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

Sofia Youth Choir spreads the Lucia atmosphere in England – for the third year!

In December 2015 the Sofia Youth Choir travelled to Deddington and Oxford in England.  Deddington, which is part of Oxford Diocese, is Sofia’s twin parish and is the basis of the joint activities  that take place.  During four hectic days the choir travelled round and presented the Lucia programme in both churches and schools.  One of the high points was the concert in the cathedral in the university city of Oxford.  In the course of their four days the choir managed to perform no less than six concerts.

In spite of the fact that this is the third year, the interest in their visit had increased.  On Sunday 13 December the choir was back in Jönköping and offered its customary traditional concert in Sofiakyrkan at 8 o’clock in the morning.  At this event the people of Jönköping were able to hear the same programme that the choir performed on their tour in England.

Sofia Youth Choir consists of 20 young people aged between 14 and 25.  They regularly sing in services and concerts at Sofiakyrkan.  This time, 14 year old Maria Bengtsson took the part of Lucia.  She has been singing in the choir since she was 8.

The choirmaster and cantor in Sofiakyrkan is Pär Hammarlund and it is easy to see how proud he is of his choir and of his assignment as a whole.

“Of course I think it is great to have been invited to Oxford Diocese for the third year in a row.  On this visit, as well as singing, the choir members  explained our Swedish Lucia traditions and the deep Christian symbolism of St Lucia and her martyrdom.”

The message of a light in the darkness feels more relevant than ever at the present time”, says Pär.

This article is adapted from an article posted on the Sofiakyrka web site at the time of the visit.