How are Christians worldwide responding to Covid-19?


The World Church context

How are fellow Christians worldwide being affected by coronavirus and the lockdown? What does it mean for them as followers of Jesus and their life together as a church? Find out more below.

An overview of our link dioceses 

What’s happening in the three dioceses with which we have an official diocesan link:

  • Kimberley and Kuruman in South Africa

    Like the UK, South Africa is in lockdown – and Christians are having to learn new ways of doing mission and ministry. Our South African partners have been connecting with their congregations through social media. And they’ve been connecting with us, too, as online services and meetings enable us to come together across the miles. Find out more here. 

  • the Lutheran Diocese of Växjö in Sweden, 
  • the Diocese of Nandyal in the ecumenical Church of South India
    Our partners in Nandyal are also in lockdown. For some this is the general situation shared by the whole country. For others, who live in areas that are considered to be hot spots, the lockdown is even more rigorous. But despite the challenges, the church is responding, providing worship and encouragement online and reaching out in practical action where appropriate. 

An overview from our Mothers’ Union Wave of Prayer links

We have five dioceses with which we have a link through the Mothers’ Union Wave of Prayer:

  • Ahoada and Warri in Nigeria
  • Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo
    The Bishop of Kinshasa has asked our prayers for his city, which has the bulk of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s cases, but in which it would be almost impossible to have an effective lockdown, given most people’s inability to access resources. Find out more here. 
  • Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea 
  • Victoria Nyanza in Tanzania.