“Roar, sea, and every creature in you; sing, earth and all who live on you! Clap your hands, you rivers; you hills, sing together with joy before the Lord, because he comes to rule the earth. He will rule the peoples of the world with justice and fairness”. (Psalm 98: 7-9)
In our own context we are being challenged to think big about God’s greatness and the praises befitting it. The Easter spirit should continue to boost our hopes and aspirations. The morale tempo should be very high among all of us joined with Christ through death and resurrection!
God’s greatness was clearly demonstrated in what St Paul sums up for us within the Easter context when he emphasises the fact that, “…Christ died for our sins as written in the scriptures; that he was buried…and raised to life three days later…”. No matter what our preferred reading of the scriptures is, what is captured here is not mere drama.
We live in a world which, if left to itself, could be very unpredictable and dangerous. Jesus came to give our world a new lease of life, hence our delightful and joyous Easter celebrations. However, our happiness could not be complete if issues of justice and fairness were to be neglected. This is how God has dealt with us humans. In turn, we all must be just and fair in our treatment of one another; in our treatment of the earth and in our aspirations to eternal life.
Easter joys must help us to understand the victory of Christ over evil and everything else associated with it. Easter must encourage us to rebel against corruption and wanton selfishness. We must say NO to those who even use the Covid-19 pandemic to loot resources made available for the common good. We must be bold enough to say NO to police and army brutality against innocent civillians in our land. We must say NO to all things that militate against our well-being as humans.
Easter people are Liberated people. Together, we should allow the echoes of our ALLELUIA songs to touch all aspects of life and to reach all corners of the world in the name of the King of Justice and Fairness: Our risen and victorious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA!