Photographs of Ritchie church and congregants

The Link between St Mary’s and St Mary Magdalene in Ritchie South Africa was set up in 1995 with the main focus being Prayer Support and Friendship with each other and this focus still remains today. From time to time we issue prayer cards to the congregation. Unfortunately we are having a few communication problems with Ritchie at the moment but hope to solve this as soon as we can.

Funds have been raised in the past, which has enabled a rectory to be built, flooring for the rectory and a soup kitchen for the cold winters. We took Lighthouse to Ritchie in 2003 and it was hoped that they would be able to continue with this project but this has not happened yet. Also in the past we have been supporting a school for the disabled. We are also trying to find a way in which we can support an Aids project in Ritchie and this is still ongoing.

We hope in the future for one or two people from Ritchie to come to Burnham to experience the work that goes on at St Mary’s. We shall wait and see.

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