V Cathedral (1)Växjö Diocese is part of the worldwide Christian church and one of the 13 dioceses of the Church of Sweden. It comprises parishes in the area covered by the diocese which consists of the greater part of Småland, the whole of the island of Öland and a very small part of Halland County. The diocese is a pastoral area led by a bishop.

The fundamental task of the diocese is to promote and have oversight over the parishes and their fundamental task, which is that people come to faith in Christ and live in faith, that a Christian fellowship is created and deepened, that God’s kingdom is extended and that creation is renewed. This task is the mission of the diocese which is expressed in worship services, teaching and diakoni (pastoral and social care). The diocese also has the responsibility of administering the clergy stipendiary resources which include forests, land and funds.

The decision making body of the diocese is the stiftsfullmäktige (Diocesan Synod). The stiftsstyrelse (Standing Committee of Synod) of the diocese, the Cathedral Chapter and the bishop take certain decisions. In addition, the Synod has created an egendomsnämnd (Estates Committee). To carry out the work of the diocese, there is a diocesan secretariat as well as cathedral deans and personnel for forestry administration.

Conscious of our role in the task of the worldwide church and in dialogue with the parishes, the diocese will work in such a way that the task of the church will be carried out in Växjö Diocese. In faithfulness to the commission, the diocese supports the parishes through promoting and exercising oversight and challenging, developing and creating a comprehensive view of the task. Through recruitment, training, further training and guidance, the diocese will give support so that the parishes have workers sent for their task. In showing consideration for creation, the diocese in its stewardship will conscientiously take responsibility for the environment and resources. The diocese will arrange the functions of the secretariat so that the promotion and oversight of the task is possible.

Our work will be characterised by:

• Faithfulness to Christ’s commission
• Listening and teaching
• Skill and creativity
• Reliability and the taking of responsibility


Translated from an article on the Diocese of Växjö web pages

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