Convergences and steps along the road to partnership – could these have been the headlines?Link map

English missionary plants a church in Sweden!

This happened in the 11th century, when an English missionary, Sigfrid, in the company of Cluniac monks, is believed to have travelled around Sweden teaching the Christian faith, ending his days in Växjö. A statue of Sigfrid stands in Växjö Cathedral grounds today.

King sets about process of dissolution of monasteries!

No, this was not Henry VIII, but Gustav Vasa, King of Sweden who, at the time of the Reformation, took the opportunity to dispossess the monasteries of much of their wealth – and he beat Henry to it by about nine years, starting in 1527.

Historic Agreement reached in Finland – Churches of England and Sweden sign up!

This happened in 1992 Porvoo, Finland, when a ‘Communion’ of various Lutheran and Anglican churches in Europe was established providing for mutual recognition of ministries and inter-communion between the member churches.

Växjö and Oxford Dioceses sign partnership covenant!

Following a series of contacts starting in 1999, Bishops Anders Wejryd of Växjö and Richard Harries of Oxford signed up to a partnership covenant on 2 April 2003 in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. A similar ceremony took place in Växjö in January 2004. The covenant and accompanying commitments are reproduced in these pages.

Covenant signing

The Covenant is signed! Photograph: Frank Blackwell/Diocese of Oxford