Til tro logo (2)Following meetings and consultations between representatives of Oxford and Växjö Dioceses, Växjö Diocese took up and adapted the ‘Living Faith’ concept and developed material for promoting the concept in the parishes.

The title of the programme became  ‘Till tro!’, which can be translated as ‘Towards Faith’, though there is an additional nuance in that, as one word, ‘tilltro’ means ‘confidence’.

Follow these links for articles about the programme:

Till tro! – General Introduction and Till tro! – The Approach

Until January 2013, the Växjö diocesan periodical ‘Missivet’ ran regular features on the Till tro! programme which have been translated and can be reached via the links below:

Missivet Nr 3 2012 – Trusting Leadership  — Missivet Nr 2 2012 – Discipleship Today

Missivet Nr 1 2012 – Building Living Fellowships — Missivet Nr 4 2011 – Making a Difference

Missivet Nr 3 2011 – Taking Care of the HolyMissivet Nr 2 2011 – The Focus Areas

Missivet Nr 1 2011 – Introducing Till Tro!

(Note that Missivet 2 2011 has as its main focus  the ‘Stipendiary Assets’ administered by the diocese, which has no direct connection to Till Tro! but it gives an interesting insight into an aspect of the financial arrangements of the diocese.)