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Now in print – an English translation of Göran Åberg’s book ‘Växjö Stift i historia och nutid’ (Växjö Diocese Past and Present), published by Växjö Stiftshistoriska Sällskap (Växjö Diocesan Historical Society).

Göran Åberg traces the history of Växjö Diocese from its beginnings in the 11th century when the English missionary, St Sigfrid was at large in Sweden, to the present day, passing on the way the monastic movement, the reformation, evangelical revivals and much more.

The text is enlivened with numerous contemporary quotations from participants in and observers of the events and movements described. Here is a taste, describing the preaching of the early 19th century revivalist priest, Peter Lorenz Sellergren:

To see those animated, soulful eyes, so easily shedding tears, those hands clasped together in prayer; to hear how, with the thunder of the law, he cast down the most impudent; how, at times, with the sweet sound of the gospel, he restored the downcast; how he drew his listeners with him down to the depths, then up to the heights; it was, in truth, a satisfaction of the most noble kind.’

Lars&Mike2011This fascinating and very thorough history, generously interspersed with pictures, is essential reading for anyone interested in the historical background of the Church of Sweden, and Växjö Diocese in particular.

The project is the result of a collaboration between Dean Lars Aldén, Chairman of the Växjö Diocesan Historical Society, and Michael Nunn, a member of the Oxford Diocese Växjö Link Committee (Pictured left with the cathedral in the background – Lars Aldén is on the right of the picture.)

Production costs have been covered by the Diocese of Växjö.  Copies are now available.  Please contact  Michael Nunn at mbnunnuk@yahoo.co.uk to secure your copy.