Why the link (1)Why a link with Sweden?

Most people understand the value of a link with a church in a developing country – we’re used to that. But a link with prosperous Sweden? What is it for?

The articles below describe some of the events and exchanges that have been part of the relationship with Växjö Diocese since contacts were first made in 1999.  Hopefully, they will help to answer the question!

Lucia Celebrations in Oxford Diocese, December 2013.

Lucia Workshop at St Giles, Oxford, October 2013.

Bishop John Pritchard at Växjö Clergy Conference, October 2013.

A Cluster of Curates visits Växjö, September 2013.

Växjö Deacons Visit Oxford Diocese, October 2012..

Växjö Cathedral Team visits Oxford, September 2012.

Växjö explores Living Faith in Oxford Diocese, May 2012.

Mother’s Union learns about the ‘Pearls of Life’ – a Swedish prayer aid.  May 2012.

Flying Visit by Växjö Group, April 2012.  Bishop Jan-Olof visits Oxford, March 2012.

Lucia Celebrations in Oxford Diocese, December 2011.

Växjö Diocesan Secretary at Living Faith Conference, October 2011.

Sabbatical in Sweden for Kidlington Team Vicar, Autumn 2011

Ordinands from Växjö visit Oxford Diocese, June 2011.

Växjö Delegates find out about “Reaching Men”, February 2011.

Växjö Living Faith Exploratory Group Visits Oxford, October 2010.

Världens Fest (World Celebration), June 2010.

Joint Mission Seminars, September 2006 to May 2007.

Consecration of Sven Thidevall as Bishop of Växjö, November 2006.

(Sven Thidevall stepped down in 2010, and was succeeded by Jan-Olof Johansson)

New bishop and banners for Växjö, November 2006.  A happy co-incidence in Växjö, 2006.

Växjö Visitors find out about “Fresh Expressions”, March 2006.

Deans of Växjö Diocese visit Wycombe Deanery, Spring 2003.

The Initial Visit to Växjö, Spring 2001.