Jan Olof visit March 2012 (with caption)Bishop Jan-Olof Johannson together with Diocesan Synod member Elsa Jönsson, Diocesan Press Secretary Charlotte Granrot Frenberg and Peter Åström, Area Dean of Njudung Deanery were in Oxford Diocese over the long weekend 9 to 12 March.

This was the bishop’s first visit to Oxford since his consecration in November 2010.

On Saturday, the group travelled to Aylesbury to visit the Church of the Good Shepherd, Southcourt, where the church is seeking to engage with community issues.  They then had lunch with members of the congregation at Great Missenden before spending the afternoon at St Michael’s, Amersham-on-the-Hill, a church in the commuter belt with a strong tradition of engagement with the arts.  In the evening Bishop John and his wife hosted a dinner attended by members of the link management committee and their spouses which gave the opportunity to exchange news on developments and think about future possibilities for the link.

On Sunday, the party spent the day at Church House on the final day of training of a group of non-stipendiary junior clergy and then attended Evensong, followed by dinner at Christ Church Cathedral.

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The group that came with Bishop Jan-Olof:

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