Earlier this year (2011), Katarina Toll Koril was appointed Diocesan Secretary (Kanslichef) of Växjö Diocese.  She represented Växjö at the Living Faith Worldwide Conference on 15 October 2011.

Katarina Toll Karil (1)Katarina was one of the panel dealing with the topic ‘Making a Difference’.  In her address she explained how the view of mission in the Church of Sweden had shifted from a position where mission was directed at other, external, groups to one where local needs and concerns had also begun to be recognised as being within the sphere of concern for the church.

As an example, Katarina mentioned the protests by deacons earlier in 2011 (see note below) against the denial of state benefits to the long-term unemployed, etc and a campaign for the humane treatment of immigrants.

Another development was the increasing use of church premises for activities such as cafes and social and community work (‘diakoni’).

Katarina Toll Karil (2)



Note:  In the Church of Sweden, the primary purpose of the diaconate is to be active in social and pastoral work in line with Acts 6, verses 1 to 6 where seven disciples were chosen to ‘wait at tables’, i.e. to be deacons.

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