Pilgrim's Progress (small)Pilgrimage is a devotional exercise with a long history.  While Chaucer, in his ‘Canterbury Tales’ made it the occasion for a great deal of frivolity, John Bunyan, in his prison cell writing ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’, took a far more serious view and used it as a metaphor for the Christian life.

Today, it is seen as an opportunity for being apart, for reflection and companionship.  It one of the strands in the Oxford Diocese ‘Living Faith’ agenda. It is also an aspect of spirituality in the Church of Sweden.

To download the Living Faith Pilgrimage Leaflet click here .

To get information on Pilgrimage in Småland and Öland (essentially the geographical area covered by Växjö Diocese) click here.

And follow these links for accounts of forays by intrepid Deddington pilgrims into ‘darkest Småland’:

Hugh White’s  ‘Long Walk in Sweden‘ in the depths of a Swedish winter.

A Pilgrimage to ancient Vadstena.