Ashram-WelcomeOxford Diocese’s Link with Nandyal is the least known of our three Links, yet it is brimming with potential to help both dioceses flourish in mission and ministry.

The South Indian Diocese of Nandyal ministers amongst some of the poorest people in India, releasing clergy and lay people into flourishing parishes and inspiring projects, such as a school for the blind and a girls’ refuge. These ministries are offered with a deep-set confidence in the gospel of Christ and a profound hope in the coming of God’s Kingdom.

Walking together, we are pursuing several aims, starting with:

  • Training for mission and ministry by partnering five priests from Oxford and Nandyal, who will visit and host one another on an annual basis to encounter mission and ministry, prayer and worship, and facilitated teaching and reflection.
  • Creating space for the Oxford and Winchester Mothers’ Unions to partner with this Link and to work towards exchange visits for women’s fellowship groups